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Sunday Morning 26 March 2017

Sunday Morning Session

9:00am to 1:00pm
Green Beach - August 19th 1942
While unable to create a second front in 1942, Allied planners put together a large scale raid of the beaches at Dieppe. Code named Green Beach, the seaside resort town of Pourville France was located four kilometers west of the main Dieppe landings. Here the South Saskatchewan Regiment stormed the beaches and nearly caught the German defenders off guard. Can they be more successful or will they be contained behind the seawalls. Sign up to help replay this important Canadian battle. GM: Ross Cossar, Bolt Action Rules, 28mm, Six players
Cinematic Napoleonic Small Skirmish
Multiple scenarios will be available to play over the course of the timeslot, including:
"Last Pig in Russia", which is as literal as it sounds! Starving French troops hunt a pig in a burnt out wintery village, but they aren't alone for long.
"Troubles with the Ladies of Spain", wherein the French general's Spanish mistress betrays him, but the French general's Spanish mistress' maid betrays the betrayal, now can his escort hold off the 95th and some Lights until the cavalry arrives?
Note that these games will see each player control 8-15 figures in these short, sharp, battles. GM: Chris Robinson, Song of Drums and Shakos rules, 15mm, Two to four players
Open Gaming
Open gaming of the Dux Britanhniarum (Dark Ages) games from Friday and Saturday. GMs: Andrew Rogers & Frank Kailik from KEGS Group, Dux Britanhniarum rules (Dark Ages), 28mm, Six players
Star Wars Stormtrooper Arena!
"Only Imperial Stormtroopers are so precise." This is a fast paced assault game where each player controls a Stormtrooper on the Imperial Assualt Map. Last trooper standing WINS! Total newbs to veteran players are welcome. GM: Scott Ross, Imperial Assualt rules by Fantasy Flight Games (mixed with some homebrew), Two to twelve players
Mayhem in Manchester
VSF Mega Battle. "It is 1890, and a border skirmish between the Duchy of Grand Fenwick and the Republic of Ruritania threatens to explode into a European war. Ambassadors from Europe, Asia and the Americas have arrived in Manchester to try and find a diplomatic solution. Unfortunately, so have spies, anarchists and weapons manufacturers who hope to light the powderkeg. Bring a lightly armoured vehicle (wheeled, tracked, walker or flier) armed with one light gun (bring whatever you have and we'll call it this), a heroic leader figure, and two units of ten riflemen, as you plod, plot and take pot-shots through the streets of Manchester" GMs: Dan Hutter & Dave Winter, Hot Lead OBC (One Brain Cell) Homebrew rules, 25-28mm (bring your own figures), Unlimited number of players
Battle of Olustee, American Civil War

Last Minute Addition

Evenly matched Union and Confederate forces meet at Olustee, Florida. GMs: Jim Crozier & Geoff from the Royal City Irregulars, Johnny Reb II rules, 15mm, Six players