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Saturday Morning 25 March 2017

Saturday Morning Session

9:30am to 1:30pm
Battle of Chacabuco (alt) February 13th, 1817, South American Wars of Liberation
Royalists belatedly try to block the Patriot advance on Santiago. GM: Eric Ritchie, Regimental Fire and Fury rules (Liberators variant), 15mm, Six players
BattleTech: Grinder
A progressive free-for-all BattleMech combat. Players begin with a light BattleMech, equipped with the most basic weapons. When that unit is destroyed in combat, the player re-enters the Grinder with a more powerful BattleMech equipped with more advanced weapons and new equipment, and this continues until the player commands the most advanced and deadly units in the game. Players can play as long as they wish, leave, and return during the scheduled event listing if they wish due to the continuous nature of the Grinder. All materials are provided. GM: Alex Ivic, 2-14 players
Operation Charnwood 8 July 1944 - Bloody Buron
The Highland Light Infantry advance on Buron with the Sherbrooke Fusiliers in support. The 12th SS are on the defensive yet again, but “Panzer” Meyer has promised help to the beleaguered 3rd Battalion of the 25th SS Pz-Gren Regiment. GM: Brian Hall from KEGS in Chatham-Kent, WWII using IABSM rules, 6mm, Six to eight players
“Rumble on the Orontes” Ancients
New Kingdom Egyptians and Assyrians go head-to-head for the mastery of Syria. Camels, chariots, hide shields, bronze axes, sweaty loincloths...this game has it all. At the end of the game the winner gets to set up a large stone stele exaggerating his accomplishments. (Come to think of it, so does the loser.) GM: Mike Manning & Nick Wesson, Might Of Arms rules, 20mm, Six players
Stalingrad December 1942
Bitter fighting raged for every ruin, street, factory, house, basement, and staircase. Even the sewers were the sites of firefights. The Germans, calling this unseen urban warfare Rattenkrieg ("Rat War"). Buildings had to be cleared room by room through the bombed-out debris of residential neighborhoods, office blocks, basements and apartment high-rises. GMs: George Nikitaidis, Steve S, Mike Scott, & Duane Adams from London Miniature Gamers, Bolt Action rules, 28mm, Six players
"Battle of Kursk" WWII
A grand-tactical re-fight of part of the Battle of Kursk using card- and dice-based, area-movement. GM: Ron Volke, home brew rules, 6mm, Four players
Dreadnought Battle Arena
A free for all battle arena for Dreadnoughts, Walkers and Monstrous creatures from the Warhammer 40000 Universe. Duke it out in an arena filled with traps and opponents to see who is the best. A variety of models will be supplied for players to choose from to use. GM: Peter Smith, Modified Warhammer 40K rules, Two to six players
Warhammer Age of Sigmar Tournament
An 1800 point tournament using the Vanguard restrictions from the General's Handbook. Army lists are a must, 3 rounds of play, 2 hours each. Please reserve your spot via deadshot2099@gmail.com GM: Sandy Griggs-Burr, Fairway Road rules (some house rules will be in effect), Twelve player spots available (no fee for tournament)
Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower
Defy a god, change your fate! Choose a hero and explore the Silver Tower in search or glory or treasure! A co-operative game for players vs the Master of the Tower. GM: Todd Antoine, Two to six players
Open tables
4 tables will be available. 1 will be set up for Warhammer 40K. 3 will be available for Blood Bowl (2 Pitches and 4 teams available for use). Gorechosen - a 4 person brutal pit fighting game, and Lost Patrol - a 2 Player game of Space Marine scouts trying to survive the endless horde of Genesttealers. Models and games will be provided for Blood Bowl, Gorechosen, and Lost Patrol. GMs: Peter Smith, Todd Antoine & Sandy Griggs-Burr
Battle of Seminara 1495 AD Spanish and Neapolitans v French
While the main French Army attempted to escape from Italy after their conquest of the Kindgom of Naples and was interecepted at the Battle of Fornova (Hot Lead 2015), the other half of the invading army was left behind to defend Naples. Fedinand II the King of Naples together with forces from his cousin, also, confusingly, Ferdinand II, the King of Aragon were collected in Sicily, the soon to be famous Fernández De Córdoba was appointed to lead the combined Spanish and loyal Neapolitan forces. The Neapolitans were numerous but included many volunteers, the Spanish were using few pikes and more crossbows than arquebueses at this stage. The French force was centred around their superbly mounted, and dressed, Gendarmes (Knights), and the fearless Swiss pikemen, together with some other Italian and French troops that generally stood around and watched. A classic colorful early Italian wars clash, with lovingly painted and fantastically costumed Swiss mercenaries, Gorgeous Gendarmes and more Flowing Flags than seems practical. GM: Stephen Lindsey, DBM rules, 15mm, Six to eight players
Star Wars X-wing "Heroes of the Auturi Cluster"
This is a Star Wars Death Star scenario where the players all work together to destroy the Death Star. The game is co-operative against an A.I. system. Will the Imperial forces destroy the Rebellion? GM: Alex Karolyi & Thomas Walker, X-wing rules, 1/270, Six players
Cold as Hell
The Russians and Finns fight to control a vital cross roads during the Winter War (Pre-WW2). GM: Scott Hansen, Chain of Command rules, 28mm, Four players
B-17 Milk Run
Flight of B-17s, and their escorts, must survive flak and the Luftwaffe on their way to Berlin. Second World War aerial combat. This scenario includes advanced rules. GM: Bill Bean, Axis and Allies Air Force Miniatures rules, 1/100 scale, Six players
Saxon Raiding
Saxons raiding into Roman Brits territory. Gamers will be using skirmishers, missiles, cavalry and warrior groups. GMs: Andrew Rogers & Frank Kailik from KEGS Group, Dux Britanhniarum rules (Dark Ages), 28mm, Six players
Third World Wars: The Battle of Khorramshahar 1982
Iran-Iraq War. Modern combined arms action with microarmour. GM: Ian Tetlow, Combat Commander rules, 1/285, Two to four players
"Battle of Teutonburger Wald" Ancients
In 9 CE, 3 Roman Legions were being lead through the Teutonburg Forest by their German allies. However Arminius, the leader of the German alliance, was only leading the Romans into a trap. Can the Germans eradicate the hated Roman interlopers once and for all? Can the Romans get out of the Forest alive? GMs: Ralph Krebs & Andy Hohn, Hail Caesar rules, 28mm, Six players
Star Wars Stormtrooper Arena!
"Only Imperial Stormtroopers are so precise." This is a fast paced assault game where each player controls a Stormtrooper on the Imperial Assualt Map. Last trooper standing WINS! Total newbs to veteran players are welcome. GM: Scott Ross, Imperial Assualt rules by Fantasy Flight Games (mixed with some homebrew), Two to twelve players
Recon in Force
American troops sweep the jungles of Vietnam. GM: Graeme Atkinson, Charlie Company rules, 20mm, Four to eight players
Sally Forth
1916 Naval game. "As the cold waves of the North Sea lap against the hull of the HMS Invincible, the lookout spots smoke on the horizon.German and British battlecruiser squadrons have encountered each other in the open sea and vie for supremacy. Battlespace Publishing presents its upcoming rule set Sail, Steam, and Sky." GMs: Mike Hoyt & Adam Gow; Sail, Steam, & Sky rules, 1/6000, Six players
Battle of Eylau, February 1807
An all day event!
"Quel Massacre. Et sans resultant?" Leaden skies, unpredictable blizzards; numbing cold. The warriors of Holy Russia versus the French army at its peak of fighting ability. Napoleon versus the Tsar's two favourite generals: Generals January and February. A perfect send off for winter in southern Ontario. A big battle using 3000 figures on a big table. GM: Dave Bradbury, modified Shako II rules, 28mm, Ten to twelve players
Battle of Bad Wurzach, April 1809
In the aftermath of the battle Eggmuhl, France and Austria again clash on the road to Vienna. GM: Rich Brooks, Sam Mustafa's "Blucher" rules, 6mm, Two to four players
Batman Arkham City
A superhero adventure game using Knight Model figures. GM: Kevin Jacobi, Homebrew rules, Ten players