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Saturday Evening 17 March, 2018

Canada’s Finest Miniature Wargame Convention

MARCH 16, 17 & 18, 2018

Saturday Evening Session

7:00pm to 11:00pm or later
Middle Earth SBG Tournament
There will be 32 pre-registered player slots for a War of the Ring. Registration for this Ontario Hobbit Adventures tournament can be done via their Facebook page. Registrants are encouraged to create and build the most thematic force they can muster, as this will be team battling for the fate of Middle earth - good versus evil. Any gamers who wish to stop by and join in the fun are welcome. Armies will be available for those who don't pre-register, and and convention-goer can join the games at any time. GMs: George Nikitaidis, Jason Chaplin, Tyler Antsy & Evan Woodruff, Games Workshop rules, 28mm, 2 players x 16 small game tables.
Please note, time slots for these tournament games differ from the convention time slots.
Crossing the River of Blood
In December 1943, just south of Ortona Italy, Canadian and German soldiers battled for ten days in the Moro River valley. This game is based upon the feint attack made by the Hastings & Prince Edward Regiment with elements of the 1st Brigade. Command troops in this raging battle and see if you can change the outcome of this fight. GM: Ross "Audacity" Cossar, Bolt Action rules, 28mm (all game pieces are supplied), 8 players.
BattleTech: Alpha Strike
Alpha Strike is a new, fast-playing form of the BattleTech game of futuristic, armored combat. Developed for the modern tabletop miniatures wargamer. Alpha Strike brings players the ability to wage war on land, sea, and air for truly large-scale play, re-scaled to the tactical level of BattleTech. All materials are provided. GM: Nick Connor, 6-8 players.