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Saturday Evening 25 March 2017

Saturday Evening Session

7:00pm to 11:00pm or later
Green Beach - August 19th 1942
While unable to create a second front in 1942, Allied planners put together a large scale raid of the beaches at Dieppe. Code named Green Beach, the seaside resort town of Pourville France was located four kilometers west of the main Dieppe landings. Here the South Saskatchewan Regiment stormed the beaches and nearly caught the German defenders off guard. Can they be more successful or will they be contained behind the seawalls. Sign up to help replay this important Canadian battle. GM: Ross Cossar, Bolt Action Rules, 28mm, Six players
Aquinnah Village, Mashpea, Massechussetts 1675
At Hot Lead 2016, during the raid on Westridge Farm, a female settler Mary Hawkins was captured and taken away by the Ponakotek Indians. Now, 3 months later, the Rangers have discovered that she is being held in the Aquinnah village in the Mashpea territory, they have also reported that there are very few Indian warriors in the village, the majority being out hunting and foraging. A rescue mission is launched, can the Settlers rescue Mary before the warriors return? Does Mary want to be rescued?. GM: Graham Wilkinson, Musket and Tomahawk – Modified rules, 28mm, Six players (14+ years of age)
BattleTech: Alpha Strike - "To the Brink"
24 December 3150
Brussels, Terra,
Prefecture X, Republic of the Sphere
The final battle for Terra has begun! The Republic’s forces have fallen back and regrouped at Brussels to make their final stand. The Wolf Empire’s Alpha and Beta galaxies have converged on the area hoping to destroy the Republic forces. Devlin Stone has ordered an all-out strike against the Wolf forces. Personally leading elements of Stone’s Brigade. Alaric Wolf has pushed his galaxies to the brink. A victory here would end the battle and leave the Wolf Empire in control of Terra, making them the IlClan. All materials are provided. GM: Nick Connor, 6-8 players
Reprise of “Rumble on the Orontes” Ancients
That rumbling you hear cannot be your stomach. You've just finished dinner. Ergo, it must be the approach of enemy chariots.
New Kingdom Egyptians and Assyrians go head-to-head for the mastery of Syria. Camels, chariots, hide shields, bronze axes, sweaty loincloths...this game has it all. At the end of the game the winner gets to set up a large stone stele exaggerating his accomplishments. (Come to think of it, so does the loser.) GM: Mike Manning & Nick Wesson, Might Of Arms rules, 20mm, Six players
Rescue the Prince!!!
After much study, the Wizards across the city realize that the past events are just a lead up to the summoning of Tiszirain (The Demon Lord of Victory and Consumption). According to the books in the great halls, the next step in the summoning this Demon is a blood sacrifice of a noble. At this time, one of the warband members comes back to inform their boss that the word on the street is that a prince has been kidnapped and a sizable reward will go to anyone that can bring him back alive. It is time to save the city and make some extra money at the same time! Come and give this modified scenario from Forgotten Pacts a try. GM: Jacob Stauttener from Must Contain Minis, Frostgrave rules, 28mm, Four to six players
Table Support by XOLK and North Star Military Figures
Prize Support by Osprey Publishing
Sengoku Jidai
Samurai clans battle in Medieval Japan. GM: David Best, Chipco's Chrysanthemum Throne rules, 15mm, Six players
"Ambrose Burnside's Big Adventure" American Civil War


In 1862 the president Lincoln decides to send Ambrose Burnside to invade North Carolina with his own little army and his own little navy. This game has gunboats and forts and Wards, oh my, as Ambrose steams up the river, waddles through the swamps and fights over the forts to get there. A scratch force of Tar heels tries to fend them off. GM: Rob Chester & Chris Mallett, Regimental Fire and Fury rules, 28mm, Seven players
Attacking Hill Fort
Three to four groups of Saxons attacking a Hill Fort (in the middle of the battletable) being defended by Romano Brits. Each Saxon group will consist of three warrior groups, one elite group, two nobles (Status II and III), plus archers. One group will have a Status IV leader. Assault ladders to be diced for. The two Romano Brits groups will each consist of three warriors groups plus two nobles (Status II and III). The Warlord (Status IV) will have three elite warrior groups. There will be archers manning the wall. GMs: Andrew Rogers & Frank Kailik from KEGS Group, Dux Britanhniarum rules (Dark Ages), 28mm, Seven players (four Saxons and three Romano-Brits)
Star Wars X-Wing
Pick a ship from the Star Wars setting and form a team or stand on your own in a furball full of pew pew! Total newbs to veteran players are welcome. GM: Scott Ross, X-Wing rules by Fantasy Flight Games, Two to six players
Mongols with Mausers
1920's China Pulp. Mix Chinese warlords, Mongol bandits, Reds, Whites and European adventurers and your guaranteed chaos. Bring a healthy sense of humour as you bribe, battle or bluff your way to victory as you fight your way along the Silk Road in 1920's China. GM: Dan Hutter, Mongols with Mausers Homebrew rules, 28mm, Seven to eight players
Fenian Raids 1866
What if Canadian militia Colonel Booker had decided to wait for the British reinforcements before attacking at Ridgeway? We will see. Take command of the feisty university students, the stoic British regulars or those grand thinking Irish Americans on the same ground as the historical Battle of Ridgeway was fought. GMs: Keith Burnett & Pete Garnham, Black Powder rules, 28mm, Eight players
New Ironsides in Peril
American Civil War, Naval: "The USS New Ironsides alone has caused the most damage to the Confederate forts of Charleston. Seeking at least a moral victory, the Confederates throw all that they can muster into an attack on the largest ironclad in the Union Navy." GM: Glenn Broome, Sail and Steam Navies rules, 1/600, Eight players
Madness at Crackpot
In the English civil war the year 1644 was a complex one. Yorkshire was a battleground of many small local factions - and this was made much more complex with the invasion of the Scot's to help the Parliamentarian forces. The hamlet of Crackpot has become a point of contention, with rival preachers raising the locals against different sides and even initiating defenestration of dignitaries in the church. Can your forces take control of the hamlet for your side? GM: Mark Ellis, Pikeman's Lament rules, 15mm, Six players