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Saturday Afternoon 25 March 2017

Saturday Afternoon Session

2:00pm to 6:00pm
Open - DBA 3.0
3 Rounds. Swiss Chess Matching. Players may bring any valid DBA 3.0 army with appropriate terrain. Some loaner armies are available. Prize: goes to the player with the highest score. Fee of $2 (to defray the cost of the prizes). GMs: Howard Tulloch & John Mifkovic, Standard NASAMW scoring, 15mm, Six to eight players, however more can be accommodated (24" playing surfaces provided)
Big Trouble in Little Armenia - 60AD
The Romans, under general Cobulo, have invaded Armenia after the Parthian king Vologases I forcibly installed his brother Tiridates on the throne there. Another border battle ensues in this decades long intermittent conflict between the two rival powers. GM: Jahan Kargar & Kris Koloff, To the Strongest! rules for ancient battles, 28mm, Six players
Popping the Pimple, April 1917
Canadian troops cleared most of Vimy Ridge on April 9th, however stubborn German resistance has kept them from taking the highest and last remaining stronghold on the extreme left of the ridge. April 12th sees the 4th Division attacking this position to finally seize the entire ridge area and look onto the Douai Plain. GM: Mark Anderson, Trench Wars Skirmish rules, 28mm, Six players
BattleTech: The Board Game of Armoured Combat - "Wolves' Descent
17 December 3150
Outside the City of Brussels, Terra
Prefecture X, Republic of the Sphere
The Wolf Invasion of Terra has begun! The Republic’s forces have fought tooth and nail, but Alaric Wolf has finally laid his trump card: both Alpha and Beta galaxies have made planetfall on the Republic capital. Before converging on the major city centre of Brussels, Beta Galaxy strike forces have been deployed to knock out objectives key to the city defense. The 11th Hastati Sentinels have been deployed to use their troubleshooting skills to frustrate the Wolf advance. A victory here, even a minor one, could change the tide of battle in the city itself. All materials are provided. GM: AJ Harkness, 6-8 players
Noiseville – Breakout from Metz – 31 August 1870
Marshal Bazaine’s attempt to break out of the encirclement of Metz with the Imperial Army and join up with Marshal McMahon. Prinz Freidrich Karl must hold the French with his “Army of Investment”. GM: Brian Hall from KEGS in Chatham-Kent, Franco Prussian War using Bloody Big Battles rules, 6mm, Six to eight players
"Battle of Blaauwberg, 1806" Napoleonics
To the skirl o' the pipes, British infantry is advancing to seize Cape Town. Hoping to turn them away is a motely collection of French marines, their turncoat Dutch allies, German mercenaries, Boer farmers, Javanese artillerymen, and exquisitely uniformed Hottentots. (Admit it, you've always wanted to command Hottentots, haven't you?) GM: Mike Manning & Nick Wesson, Neil Thomas' Napoleonic Wargaming rules, 20mm, Four players
American Civil War Battle of Iuka, Sept. 19, 1862
The confederate forces under Price must secure an escape route of the Iuka Road crossing. Union forces under Hamilton must prevent the confederate forces escaping. GM: Charlie & Steve Barron, Guns of Gettysburg rules, 20mm, Five players
Battle of Cannae 216 BC Carthaginians v Romans
A large scale recreation and refight of the greatest victory of the renowned Hannibal, with his 50,000 troops over both consuls of the Roman Republic, Lucius Paullus and Gaius Varro, and their combined armies of eight legions (80,000 men). In order to try and learn as much as we can about this astonishing, and justly famous battle, it will be carefully recreated in in ground and figure scale and terrain to the original battle. For visual appeal there will be more than two thousand figures deployed (that's a lot of Romans). It should be an interesting recreation. It seems hard to think that modern Roman commanders could repeat the mistakes of their ancient counterparts, but the Carthaginians do at least have a lot of cavalry (thus the advantage of superior mobility) in their varied, and polyglot mercenary army. GM: Stephen Lindsey, DBM rules with adaptions for very large armies, 15mm, Eight players (four per side)
Stalingrad December 1942
Bitter fighting raged for every ruin, street, factory, house, basement, and staircase. Even the sewers were the sites of firefights. The Germans, calling this unseen urban warfare Rattenkrieg ("Rat War"). Buildings had to be cleared room by room through the bombed-out debris of residential neighborhoods, office blocks, basements and apartment high-rises. GMs: George Nikitaidis, Steve S, Mike Scott, & Duane Adams from London Miniature Gamers, Bolt Action rules, 28mm, Six players
"Battle of Kursk" WWII
A grand-tactical re-fight of part of the Battle of Kursk using card- and dice-based, area-movement. GM: Ron Volke, home brew rules, 6mm, Four players
Dreadnought Battle Arena
A free for all battle arena for Dreadnoughts, Walkers and Monstrous creatures from the Warhammer 40000 Universe. Duke it out in an arena filled with traps and opponents to see who is the best. A variety of models will be supplied for players to choose from to use. GM: Peter Smith, Modified Warhammer 40K rules, Two to six players
Warhammer Age of Sigmar Tournament
An 1800 point tournament using the Vanguard restrictions from the General's Handbook. Army lists are a must, 3 rounds of play, 2 hours each. Please reserve your spot via deadshot2099@gmail.com GM: Sandy Griggs-Burr, Fairway Road rules (some house rules will be in effect), Twelve player spots available (no fee for tournament)
Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower
Defy a god, change your fate! Choose a hero and explore the Silver Tower in search or glory or treasure! A co-operative game for players vs the Master of the Tower. GM: Todd Antoine, Two to six players
Open tables
4 tables will be available. 1 will be set up for Warhammer 40K. 3 will be available for Blood Bowl (2 Pitches and 4 teams available for use). Gorechosen - a 4 person brutal pit fighting game, and Lost Patrol - a 2 Player game of Space Marine scouts trying to survive the endless horde of Genesttealers. Models and games will be provided for Blood Bowl, Gorechosen, and Lost Patrol. GMs: Peter Smith, Todd Antoine & Sandy Griggs-Burr
Star Wars X-wing "Heroes of the Auturi Cluster"
This is a Star Wars Death Star scenario where the players all work together to destroy the Death Star. The game is co-operative against an A.I. system. Will the Imperial forces destroy the Rebellion? GM: Alex Karolyi & Thomas Walker, X-wing rules, 1/270, Six players
Flint and Feather
Native warrior skirmish game. Early contact Huron v Iroquois in Southern Georgian Bay theatre. GM: Dave Mattison, 28mm, Six to eight players
Attacking Hill Fort
Three to four groups of Saxons attacking a Hill Fort (in the middle of the battletable) being defended by Romano Brits. Each Saxon group will consist of three warrior groups, one elite group, two nobles (Status II and III), plus archers. One group will have a Status IV leader. Assault ladders to be diced for. The two Romano Brits groups will each consist of three warriors groups plus two nobles (Status II and III). The Warlord (Status IV) will have three elite warrior groups. There will be archers manning the wall. GMs: Andrew Rogers & Frank Kailik from KEGS Group, Dux Britanhniarum rules (Dark Ages), 28mm, Seven players (four Saxons and three Romano-Brits)
Mortal Shells
"Something must have drawn these Barbarians to Frostgrave. What, we don't know yet. Wait a minute?! What's happening to that Barbarian?!" The Barbarian's body collapses to the ground and a hideous demon claws his way out of the corpse's stomach. "Men, hold back those demons! I am going to read these ruins to try to figure out what is going on!" Come and give this modified scenario from Forgotten Pacts a try. GM: Jacob Stauttener from Must Contain Minis & Dave Lamers, Frostgrave rules, 28mm, Four to six players
Table Support by XOLK and North Star Military Figures
Prize Support by Osprey Publishing
Battle of Hastings 14 October 1066 (950th anniversary)


King Harold and his Anglo-Saxon army are defending a ridge near the south-east coast of England. Duke William of Normandy has invaded from France. Both men claim to be the only legitimate heir to the English throne. GMs: Perry Gray & David Blanchard, Medieval Warfare rules, 25mm, Seven players
Check Your Six
WWII air game. It is the last gasps of the German Reich. With virtually complete air superiority, the Allies have finally allowed their secret jet powered aircraft to fly over Germany. Learning of this, the Luftwaffe sends up their own “wonder” weapons in one last gasp effort. GM: Keith Burnett from KEGS in Chatham, Check Your Six rules, 1/285, Fourteen players
Contested Space
Science Fiction: Star Wars/Star Trek/BSG/Babylon 5 space combat. "In a strange twist of creative script writing, four different human factions have stumbled on a relic of a fifth. Starfleet, Colonial Fleet, Earth Force, and the Alliance to Restore the Republic each vie for control of a derelict Warhammer 40K space station. Each pair of players will take control of one of these factions and duke it out in a free-for-all that is sure to amuse." Battlespace Publishing returns with its flagship game Metaverse. GMs: Mike Hoyt & Adam Gow; Metaverse rules, 1/7000, Eight players
Cronus Falling
A Sci-Fi horror scenario dungeon crawler where the players take up the rolls of three survivors as they attempt to scavenge for supplies, and discover their whereabouts within a nightmarish labyrinth of corridors. The game runs through Acts 1 and 2 to workshop and demonstrate the rule books currently being produced. For fans of Hero Quest, D&D, and Eldritch Horror scenarios. GM: Ioan Tetlow, Eldritch Horror rules, 28mm, Three players
Predators vs Aliens
Mission: Kill the queen before it's to late. GM: Joseph Nixon, This is Not a Test (TNT) rules, 28mm, Eight players
El Malhid dust up
It's hot in North Africa. German Africa Korp troops and British 8th army square off to control "El Malhid," a small oasis in a sea of sand. Skirmish game, one platoon and a handful of AFVs a piece. GMs: James & Bob Hastings, Rapid Fire rules, 1/72, Four players