Game Masters

Canada’s Finest Miniature Wargame Convention

MARCH 16, 17 & 18, 2018

Thank You GMs

A resounding thanks to each and every Game Master (GM) who volunteers to run a game. Hotlead would not be the fantastic fiasco that it is, were it not for your dedication to creating cool scenarios that peak a gamer’s curiosity.


If you have never ran a game before at Hotlead, we welcome your ambition. GM registration usual kicks off at the start of the new year. However, if you need more time to plan your game, we can accept earlier registrations.

To register a table, please contact us with your choice of time slot and table size (see below). That and your name are the bare minimum to ensure your table is reserved.

Game Tables






Option 1 5’ x 12’ 12 12 2
Option 2 5’ x 6’ 6 6 6
Option 3 5’ x 8’ 3 3 3
Option 4 6’ x 15’ 1 1 0

To complete your GM registration however, please provide the following no later than Friday one week prior to the convention:

  • Time Slot
  • Table Size
  • Game name
  • Game Scenario (for both our website and the pamphlet schedule we circulate at the event)
  • GM name(s)
  • Period
  • Rules
  • Scale
  • Number of Players

Game tables are first come, first served and they book up fast. So be sure to register early to ensure you get the table size you need to run your game as planned.

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