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Friday Evening 24 March 2017

Friday Evening Session

7:00pm to 11:00pm or later
Cryslers Farm - War of 1812
The Americans have crossed the St Lawrence River on November 11th 1813 with plans to march on Montreal. The campaign was designed to cut the British supply lines to upper Canada. Demoralized by poor communications, inadequate logistics and early winter weather, the numerically superior American forces need to win this battle or withdraw until the next year. Sign up to help the generals of both sides to replay this most important battle in Canadian history. GM: Ross Cossar, Black Powder Rules, 28mm, Six players
Campaign - DBA 3.0
Mix skulduggery with battle strategy into three rounds of DBA battles. battles to determine the Supreme Emperor. There is a campaign map, diplomatic objectives, six battlefield types and changing army composition to challenge your quest. Use your influence to attempt to change the outcome of any of the battles. The player with the most prestige points wins. Battle results and diplomatic strategy will determine the final outcome for each player. Armies are supplied but GM will consider elements supplied by players if they fit into the campaign design. Standard NASAMW scoring. GMs: Howard Tulloch & John Mifkovic, 15mm, Six players (6 pre-defined playing 24" playing surfaces)
Player overview will be published on the Facebook site by Sunday, March 19
Island in the Sun
The English are capturing islands all over the Carribean, and Sainte Barthelemy is next. Can the French fleet and defenses hold off the Rosbifs? GM: Brian Hall from KEGS in Chatham-Kent, Napoleonic Naval using Fire as You Bear rules, 1/2400, Four to six players
Star Wars Silent Death - The Force Awakens
Play out one or more scenarios in the SW:TFA setting with T-70 X-Wings vs. upgraded TIEs, and more! Scenarios are:
"Last of the Red Hot Y-Wings" where a secret Resistance base is suddently visited by a relic from the past using decades-old codes and call signs, with First Order forces in hot pursuit.
"Knives to a Gunfight" where a heavy strike on a First Order convoy by X-wings (and the Falcon) loaded for bear goes wrong when TIES turn out to be the target!
"Fly Kylo Fly" where Kylo Ren and his stormtrooper escort's shuttles are sandbagged by Blue Squadron! Luckily they have an escort, as all good despots should.
GM: Chris Robinson, Silent Death rules, Fighter scale, Six players
Dreadnought Battle Arena
A free for all battle arena for Dreadnoughts, Walkers and Monstrous creatures from the Warhammer 40000 Universe. Duke it out in an arena filled with traps and opponents to see who is the best. A variety of models will be supplied for players to choose from to use. GM: Peter Smith, Modified Warhammer 40K rules, 100mm, Two to six players
"Muster over Madagascar" and "Malta Mixup"
Two scenarios. Fleet Air Arm battles with Armee de L'Air over Madagascar, while the RAF protects Malta from the Regia Aeronautica and Luftwaffe. Winners determined by points. Bag of Maltesers for the winner of the Malta scenario. Second World War aerial combat. Scenarios are introductory, but include advanced rules. GM: Bill Bean, Axis and Allies Air Force Miniatures rules, 1/100 scale, Four players (but aircrafts can be added for additional players)
Saxon Raiding
Saxons raiding into Roman Brits territory. Gamers will be using skirmishers, missiles, cavalry and warrior groups. GMs: Andrew Rogers & Frank Kailik from KEGS Group, Dux Britanhniarum rules (Dark Ages), 28mm, Six players
Charlie Company intro game
Learn in this introductory session how to play "Charlie Company," RAFM's popular Vietnam skirmish game. GM: Dave McKay, Charlie Company rules, 20mm, Four or more players
Encounter at a Crossroads, Russia, July 1941
Russian and German armour shoot it out at a crossroads during the initial phase of Operation Barbarossa. Both sides work under written orders (from the higher authority) and conform to appropriate national doctrine. The game features concealed initial deployment & movement, hidden terrain (just what is in those woods?), simultaneous movement & firing, separate morale failure and recovery and lots of chances for non-fatal damage. And be warned, your opponent may have goals different from your own for winning the scenario. GM: Wayne Kerr from Hamilton Road Game Group (London), At the Sharp End homebrew rules, 15mm, Four to six players
Send Pirates, Guns & Money!
2017 Burma-Thai border. Corrupt Thai border soldiers, Burmese drug warlord militia, Mekong River Pirates, and foreign mercenaries cross paths in the jungle backwaters of the Golden Triangle. Will the good guys win? Are there actually any good guys? If you've played "Mongols with Mausers", then this fits the bill as "Mekong with Meth." GM: Dan Hutter, Mongols with Mausers Modern Homebrew rules, 28mm, Seven to eight players
Battle of Slovchenko, Russo-Polish War 1920
Scenario based on the Bułak-Bałachowicz Operational Group attack on a Red Army supply depot defended by the 2nd Soviet Rifle Brigade at the village of Slovchenko. This chaotic and colourful engagement features armored cars, cavalry, air power, and an armored train to capture. A fun game for wanna be despots and rogues set in the bogs of Belorussia! GM: Mark Degner, Triumph of the Will rules from Too Fat Lardies, 15mm, Four players